Psalm of Gethsemane The rain falls on Gethsemane Time gathers itself now to ending-- Near the brook of Kedron, east Of Jerusalem. Rain falls on Gethsemane, In the darkness, outside the silenced city. Jesus lies face down In the grass of Gethsemane, asking. The rain falls on Gethsemane, And he drinks as a snake clings To the banks. A nameless bird puts beak to breast And a toad sleeps in the rain in Gethsemane. A blue flower folds itself inward As if the sun will never come again. He shivers, his hands at his temples. The rain falls on Gethsemane, Clings to the leaves, drops Onto earth which accepts weeping Such as his. The rain falls on Gethsemane, Singing with his late breath That everything will change And that must be answer enough.

Allyson Shaw

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