Frida Kahlo


Did the sea god touch you
to dark lust

Your pain was meant for your husband
The gods rarely exact their
Vengeance directly
Ask your tinker sometime

Did you name your child?
That beast of horn and flesh
Did you say all the things a mother says
To their child
Did you love him anyway?
As only a mother ...
Or did the sight of him
Bring back the scent of humiliation
Remembering animal obsession
Blind lust within a tinker's cow

Oh, Pasiphae
The wind carried away your accomplice
Left you bitter
Cursing the gods and kings of folly

Were you the mad woman of Crete?
The one who spat at men?
Who lived outside the city
Keeping her witchcraft strong?
Was that you dancing in the blood of a full moon
On the steamy eve of Minos' death?

Or did you slip away
With your rusty tinker?

Dancing Bear

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