Photo Credit: University of Minnesota, Leonardo DaVinci Drawings

Apollo 11

Before I knew the curse of daily shaving
Or the frisson of a flirtatious smile,
When one small step from Amstrong's boot
Broke the hymen of our sister world,
I was still a virgin, too, taught by peers
How to blow smoke rings and
Stack them like the rings of Saturn
On my index finger.
The council met in earnest discussion
Of who was easy, might already be doin' it,
As a fifth of Henley's was passed around.
A line was drawn in the dirt, and then another,
To challenge who could piss the furthest.
We aced the tribal tests of manhood
In time to make it home for dinner.
The eagle had landed
And the fresh imprint of its tracks
Would stay that way forever.
We would always be blood brothers.
So many strangers have shared my bed
Since the Summer of Love.
I lie awake and can't remember
Half their names.
Bodies rubbing, heads miles apart--
I floated until re-entry helmeted in weightlessness.
My weighted foot burned rubber
Pressing pedal to the metal,
Blurred the view
From behind my windshield,
But left no tread.

Brant Lyon

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