Water and Stone

I lived among zoo keepers and their stories
Of exotic charges familiar to their eyes
As household dogs.

A tiger-man who'd been so badly mauled
He could hardly hold a spoon
But held no grudges
It's in the nature of tigers
To pounce and to feed
He watched, in anesthetic shock
Detached and fascinated
As she took another bite.

A woman can no more change a man
Than a man can stop
A woman's constant changing
It's in the nature of water and stone
To gnaw at each other
Wear away at sharp carved edges
Or come to know their contours
All so well they lose their sting.

She flows, irresistable
Carving new, deep, secret channels
To leave the old bed dry
He endures, immutable
A man

And both watch
Detached and fascinated
As time takes another bite.

Caron Andregg

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