A man without it
is lost in windswept world
colliding with needs, tumbling
through vast empty plains
gazing into wasteland for
another on the same path
hoping to encounter
with times lasting embrace

Need meeting need
woman and man together
they formed each other
from the shapeless void
existence had known

She kneaded his essence
he captured her flame
he was dough in her hands
dough that was formed
and baked with thick crust
in passions hearth

He placed her on his wheel
she possessed his fire
her clay molded with touch
into brilliant vessel
beautifully coated in glaze
made permanent by kiln's blaze

Together they formed such beauty
as the empty had never seen
loaves from miracle dough
in vessel warmed at hearth
product of their wholeness
and promise of days
held before them
of richness

they had
what apart was unknown

Daniel Dean

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