Photo Credit: University of Minnesota, Leonardo Da Vinci Drawing Site

Of Course

Of course she wouldn't stay put
where she was carved
having burst to life
Real women hate pedestals
and all the fawning
being placed on them entails
Or is it the control
that comes incipient
from the sculptor's hand
The way he still trys to wield
his chisel on mind
and flesh
now animate
Even the flow of blood
a cry of pain
will not stop him

Artists have such a problem
(not unlike some gods)
with letting go
of their creations
Seem to be fond of tethers
attitudes of ownership
and expectation
eventual banishment
when all else fails
"I made you, you are mine,"
Pygmalion cried
while being of sound mind
- womanized -
Galatea ran as fast
as her cracked feet
would allow
towards other lovers
knowing they might lie to her
in order to lie with her
but at least she now knew
the lay of the land

And Pygmalion?
He trades his chisel for a brush
He paints himself as the victim
Someone should buy him a mirror
Someone should buy him a session or two
with a good NY psychiatrist

Jennifer Ley

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