little chicken and the insanity defense

everyone's said for years
it's not that she's so weird
it's that everytime she passes
friendly ground she sends out sparks
& they've watched her natter on of how
no one knows a goddamn thing
& on and on of how it's always her
that's wrongly banished to the dark

besides, all she really said was
the world was failing all her tests
something fell from somewhere
it was blue and caused a bruise
surely psyches small and fragile
can be coaxed to understanding
strange things happen to most everyone
and we all know what it is to lose

one's head at an inauspicious minute
see the universe come crashing .. BANG
all of us can be forgiving can't we
even generous to one so meek and pure
Now she knows the consequence of panic
can be counted on to just keep calm
and of course she takes her medication
perhaps one day we'll find a cure

Beau Blue

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