Lavender Tutor at the Fumarole

Straight into the pupil of his left eye
The minnow swam, and out, grasping
Unwavering attention. He followed hard

With unbroken gaze, into exotic waters
-- Fern waving in the current of a slender
Smoking fumarole on the bottom of the sea.

The minnow he'd never seen before,
Slender, sequined, whose eyes had purple
Pupils! An iridescent luminous lavender

Energy radiated outward from its eyes
Suffusing the length of its whole supple
Electric, tapered, darting body.

Despite his fear of unknowns, he followed
His new tutor into the rising mineral
Warmth of fumarole, into that saline

Passion in his phylogenous past bequeathing
The salty passions of his own blood.
Longingly he embraced it -- as it had him.

Lee Jamieson

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