the world will end (not a happy prophecy, another easter poem)
when the world will end
catching everyone by surprise
when it does
it will be a pretty public matter

when the world does end
everyone will find herself flat on her notsoflat belly
facing down
yes even the ponytailed alpinists in a full vertical set
don't ask me how i only write this...
yes everyone will lie down forcibly and forcedly on the street
or whatever passes for one

and lots of personnel will teem like bees coming from apparently
nowhere and it will all be like a movie set being closed down
by the best bureau of alcohol and tobacco regional office on earth
as it might be in heaven

yes the world will end in a huge crush of highly competent beings
coming out from the woodwork in jackets and wielding things
there will be loud voices booming in perfect analog fidelity
"everybody down everybody lie down everybody it's the end of movie"
and for the russians who never get it first no never get
their easters first

"chorosho lie down and shut the fuck up already -- kaniec filma"

Marek Lugowski
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