Mixed Reactions

He is legion.
He travels light,
In a state of infinite
Expansion. Nervous,
Quick to flame, he shades
His explosive nature
In achromatic camouflage
And undetectable scent.
Feared yet revered,
The stuff of stars,
Hot and potent.

She is curvaceous.
An interjection
Of surprise.
She likes to circulate.
Yet heady with purity,
All gasp to taste her.
Heavy as air,
Limpid veils
Cannot conceal
Her power,
Most revealed
When she's not there.

He takes strength
In numbers, doubles up
To quench desire.
She takes them both,
An atomic
Menage a trois.
She soothes
Elemental fever,
Allows her weight
To cool their fire.

Their passionate
Creates a liquid unity,
Three become one
Diaphanous daughter.
Essential source
of life's force,
Unstable flames
tamed to water.

But when he burns
With rage she scorns
His offer, feeds
His combustion
With her vitriolic tongue.
Their violent reactions
Ignite destructive
And birth a Sun.

Michele S. Boyd

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