The Window

She wouldn't tell him which pill she was taking
Because he was unsure what to do.
You should go to Europe, she replied
As she spat it right out of the window
And out of her sight.

He held her and whispered equations he knew
Into her ear because that's what silence means.
If I add another variable
Would you stay for more?
He inquired.

Their screens, if it weren't for her curve
Her back would be parallel to another window,
Are magnet. And the sky is green and purple
Above between Bermuda and the Keys.

You are so lovingly open, he aproached
And looked outside, his hair was windy with it,
As he leaned over, curious
Did it end up under German Ivy?
In the French Marigold? Uncalculated

He tipped over, and fell through
Her empty frame.
I know you wanted me to swallow you,
But I am over. I am love:
A pair of curtains lost
In infinite forever wind,
I could never go back in memory.
Now you see, it is a zero,
There was no need to break your head.

Daniel Oz

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