A Poetry Anthology

Warning! This product contains poetry*

Ingredients: Luis Garcia, Larry Jaffe, Michael Rothenberg, Keith Johnson, Clayton Vaughan, t. kilgore splake, Devon C. Fitzgerald, Rochelle Hope Mehr, Robert Wynne, Derek Adams, Chris Mansell, Jeffrey C. Alfier, Moshe Benaroch, Brad Evans, Thomas Fortenberry, Jayseth Guberman, Marie Kazalia, The Mag Man, Stazja McFadyen, J. Berk, Marc Olmsted, Sam Vaknin, Richard Denner, Pablo Paredes Romero, Adam Perry, Radames Ortiz, John Bennett, Tess Christi, C.E. Chaffin, Jon Moll, Salvatore Amico M. Buttaci, Shane Jones, RhondaK, Nicole Hubbard, Andrew Hull, C.M. Frederick, Michelle McGrane, Emily Van Duyne, Regina Coeli deWinter, Dmitri Arbacauskas, Diane Payne, Averil Bones, Mike Hession, Donna Michele Hill, Suzanne Frischkorn, Cate Compton, Julie Cookson, Jennifer Ann Vickers, Deborah Swain, Allyson Kalea Boggess, Lyn Lifshin, Claudine Moreau, Adrienne Lee, Lisa Gaidanowicz, Ed Jamieson, Jr, Peter Ball, Andrew Baron, Janet I. Buck, Michelle Cameron, John Cartlidge, Arthur Chappell, Ron Gibson, Jr., Larry D. Griffin, Mick Moss, Judith Pordon, Nanette Rayman, Joy Reid, Michelle Worrall, T.L. Stokes, Mike Subritzky, Rob Walker, Michelle Watson, Edward Wier, Amy Elisabeth Wirtz, Sofie Jansson.

Nutritional Information: Brain fertiliser for the mind starved of insight, wit, and humanity.

* may contain traces of nuts.

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Pages: 277

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The Brave New Word at the Guggenheim Museum
Sunday and Monday, June 3 & 4, 2001 at 8 p.m.

Tech Rehearsal, June 3rd, 2001

Seated left to right: Eric Zimmerman, Stuart Moulthrop, Jennifer Ley, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Michael Joyce, Loss Pequeno Glazier, Janet Murray. Stephanie Strickland at the podium.

AMERICAN LETTERS & COMMENTARY editor Anna Rabinowitz and Janet Murray (Hamlet on the Holodeck) hosted an evening of literature in the age of new media, highlighting the ways computers unite the worlds of visual and literary art with contemporary technology. The program featured demonstrations of emerging text forms and a panel discussion by pioneering artists. Speakers and artists included Stephanie Strickland ("The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot"), Noah Wardrip-Fruin ("The Impermanence Agent"), Jennifer Ley ("Daddy Liked His with Heart"), Stuart Moulthrop ("Dance Around the Planet"), Eric Zimmerman ("Sissyfight"), and Andruid Kerne ("Collage Machine"). Janet Murray will moderate discussions between the artists and panelists Michael Joyce ("afternoon") and Loss Pequeno Glazier, ("Bromeliads").

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Michael Joyce

Stuart Moulthrop

Stephanie Strickland

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