Tell Me the Night Sky Stories

Tell me the night sky stories:
Songs sung by stars
Hurtling in a galactic galliard,
Tunes strummed on moonbeams
Stretched taut
Between me and thee,
The glissandos played
On the magnetic field
By the sun's breath.

Sing me the night sea stories:
The living neon of a ship's wake,
The whipped cream
Ladled on the breaker's crest,
The minuets and reels
Of crabs at water's edge,
The soaring dreams
Of sleeping gulls.

Show me the night birds' stories:
The owl's alpenhorn
Keeps time in the tree loft,
The whippoorwill sings alto
From the anonymous woods,
The nightingale is a silver flute
Weaving celtic embellishments
Above the earth's ground.
And promise me that
When we look at the moon,
We see each other.

Suzanne Gray Woodward

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