An ancient Spanish bone carved comb
A cherished fragile lace mantilla
The redolent gardenia
One single bloom

A most becoming modest frock
A poignant peach, so pale, but a blush
The finest linen, supple,

An eloquent creme cashmere shawl
Intricately wrought, immaculate
Insubstantial as vapor
A milky web

Maidenly, elegant, slippers
Fragile deportment, daintily, shod
Legs sheathed in sumptuous silk
Gossamer sheer

No ornament, decoration,
embellishment nor garnish adorns
Enhancement nonessential
Peerless, tranquil

Exemplary chaste demeanor
Aristocratic, Patrician mien
Virginal and reverent

Her presence a benediction
Deferential, pious, respectful
Ethereal, faultless, pure
All, sanctified

Deeply embedded, the Devils marker

(Mariol) Tara Dawn

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