The saucer man led all of us away. We
followed in a trance as he played a
space pipe and danced. We marched in
twos to where the rocket waited. We
marched through Canada to the North
Pole. The saucer man lasered my lover
as I hid in an attic in an Arctic town
and waited, watching them march through
the tundra.

The space invader blew all of us away.
We tracked him with our joysticks as he
inched toward our barracks. We hid
inside our fortress as the alien
battalion advanced. We hid for
light-years, until our defenses
crumbled. The space invader vaporized
my bivouac as I reversed direction and
skittered, observing my reinforcements
as they crossed the event horizon.

The saucer woman turned all of us away.
We approached her, mesmerized, as she
communicated telepathically, with her
eyes. We approached her singly, in the
absence of witnesses. We presented
ourselves as space-fearing humanoids.
The saucer woman detonated a secret
incendiary device as I crouched behind
the launch pad and waited, watching her
scorch the treeless plains.

The space musician drove all of us
away. We had to stop our ears as he
played a space sax and leered. We
grouped ourselves together in a place
that was familiar. We clustered with
faces outward next to the reactor core.
The space musician kidnapped our
president as I engineered a minor
meltdown and waited, watching them
enter suborbit.

Thad Rutkowski

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