Gustav Klimt

What's a Bi-Cuspal Woman to Do?

My Aquarius says,
I love everybody in the world.
My Capricorn warns,
Don't be a fool; they'll mug you.
My Aquarius says,
Roam around the country
writing poetry and making love.
My Capricorn retorts,
Stay home and get a real job.
Aquarius says,
Wow, you look more like Ava Gardner every day.
Capricorn guffaws,
And you know how long she's been dead.
Aquarius says,
I can change the world.
Capricorn snickers,
You can't even change a dollar bill.
Why don't you just kill yourself and get it over with?
My Aquarius sighs,
because I'll probably have to come back -
as a Capricorn.

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