First Place

Squeaky, squeaky went the bed springs,
covers slowly sliding off the bed.
Thumpitee thump goes the rattling bed
posts against the wall as sweat drips
from his hair.
Squeaky, squeaky went the bed springs
as the pillows fall to the floor
squealing and gasping for air while the
sheets peel away from the mattress.
They knew it was dangerous.
They knew it wasn't allowed,
but sqeaky, squeaky went the bed
springs as they bounce in the air
Squeaky, squeaky -stops the bed springs
Mother walks in ...
We knew we shouldn't have jumped on the bed.

Students at the Birch Wathen Lenox School:
A. Michaeloff, S. Ferrer, J. Goldberg, T. Williams,
P. Weinreb H. Houtenbous, D. Greenfield, L. Isaacs