Second Place -- Ode to Cher

There was a girl I once loved, her name was Cher.
She has long luscious thick hair
Which flowed from her head like an amber sea of grain,
which lapped upon her shoulder's shores.
Each eye of hers was an emerald oh so clear,
crafted and placed in an ivory sphere.
She had a halo of divine light that encompassed her body
Oh my God, she was such a hottie
Oh Cher, oh, oh Cher, how beautiful was she
But alas, the love between me and Cher could never be,
For I was only a Sophmore and she was 23.

Students at the Birch Wathen Lenox School:
Mark Gilman, Guilliaume Farr, Blake Horowitz, Miguel Gomez,
Arielle Fierman, Michelle Gort, Elizabeth Sullivan, William Lotto