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** denotes an imagemap entry point
*** denotes our featured poet
****denotes a poet who is now a professional wrestler - you go girl !!

Seth Abramson

Divine Phobia

Caron Andregg

Water and Stone

Your Kiss Like Bread

Jim Andrews

The Meeting Place

The Material

Victor Asaro


Marc Awodey

Discovery is Ruin

Some Fear Sleep

Anjana Basu

Darkness Gate


Bill Bayer

Hey Yo


Dancing Bear


Fanny-Min Becker

A Told Untold Tale

Janet Bernichon

Your Second Wife

Robert James Berry

The Search



Rob Beveridge

Fallen Gods

Buried Bell

Beau Blue

Little Chicken and the Insanity Defense

Michele S. Boyd

Mixed Reactions


Diane Bradley

Natal Song

Of The Smallest Things

Janet I. Buck

The Map of Scars

John A. Burton

Love Is Cumbersome to Calculate

In My Dreams You Are A Polar Bear

John Carle


Wendy Carlisle

The Relationship of Matter and Light

After Making Love She Considers Brownian Motion

Robert Carnevale

A Redwing

A Bottle of Milk

Carrie Cerri

Anne in the Water

C.E. Chaffin

No Longer There


Chistopher Chen

Light Lavender *

Martha Cinander

Information Goddess

Joseph Coroniti


The Danish Waterfall

Rachel Dacus

Wearing Venice

Catherine Daly

Woman, Machine and Mausoleum

Julie Damerell

Richard Beale: Thirty Years of Painting the Circle in the Square

Tara Dawn


Daniel Dean


Lenny DellaRocca

The Bird

The Wonderful Viola Player


Woman from Starlake

The News


Lea C. Deschenes

Achille's Heel

Eric Docherty


Spoken By One Of The Thieves ...


Karen Dugan

In the end

God's Secret Name

Jenniffer Dundon


Erin Elizabeth

The Closing Psalms of Guinivere *

Richard Fein

About Finding One's Roots

Recapturing Eden

Anitra L. Freeman

Quantum States of Thunderheart

Dennis Gaughan

Black Water Crossing

Holy Thursday

Good Friday

Richard Harrison

The Whole She-bang

Kim Hodges

The Warrior

Dream Moving


John Horvath, Jr.

Casting from the Chinnapatkin Bridge

Indian Summer

Victor D. Infante

The Line at Thermopalae

Lee Jamieson

Gifts of Combustion

Lavender Tutor at the Fumarole

Lucy's Riverine Forest

JeanPaul Jenack

Falling Down

Tim Jeski

Inertia *

Requiem for a Blind Watchmaker *

Ward Kelley

Thou Hast Nor Youth Nor Age

Kathleen A. Kelly

Vindhya Vespers

Linda Kemp

Swimming Lessons

L. Kiew




Paul Kloppenborg

The clock of ages

Gretchen Lair


James Brian Livingstone

A Dirt Road Farm

Forest Walker

Marek Lugowski

South by Southwest - A Marek Tooter **

on white and the santa fe night

polysemy polysemy absence of the absence of

at three and one time only

fair is fair glass is glass skin is skin

the world will end (not a happy prophecy, another easter poem)

Brant Lyon

Teec Nos Pas

Apollo 11

I Ching


Cut Off

Larry Mallory

Venus Retrograde

Gray's Anatomy

Canal and Broadway

The Other Place

Jan McLaughlin

Talking Hands

Hypertext collaboration by: Brigid McLeer, Julie Harrison and Joe Elliot

Untitled Response to If It Rained Here

Michael McNeilley

you are not on fire

the yellow bellied sea snake

syncretic intussusception

Lee Moskow


Murray Moulding

Return to Montana

Clear Conscience

Scott Murphy

A Jig for Halcyon

Staying Out All Night

After Auden

The Collier's Story

C. Earl Nelson

Sing Me the Beautiful Bells

Visiting Day

John Nettles

Diploid Selves

Idiot Dog

Gerald O'Connell

Flux Aeterna--An Artist's Notebook

S. A. Oleksy

midautumn-night hymn


The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks

Daniel Oz

The Window

Greg Perry

Hale Bopp

John D. Porter

Hollow Birds

Ken Pobo

Virginia *

Jennifer Poteet

The Whole She Bang *

Deb Powers

Knitting by the Seat of my Pants

I.B. Rad

First Snow

How Pretty is our World this Christmas Day

Jackie Rosenfeld


Thad Rutkowski


Hannah Jane Sassaman


Susan Scutti


The Gentlemen Thief

Allyson Shaw

Psalm of Gethsemane

Psalm of the Sailor's Widow

Alarik Skarstrom


Red Slider

Eagle's Nest

Margery Snyder

Through the Gate of Air

Pantoum for a Nepalese Mother

Winter Nights in the Cold War

W.T. Spadaro

Who Has Seen Infinity



Life in Antiquity

David Mark Speer

Celestial Events

Mark Stacks

Cambodian Reconnaissance

Dry Powder

Constitutional Room

Ed Stevens

On Seasons

Greek To Me

Trina Stolec

One Corner

Neca Stoller

Dawn Bull


Wash Day

Sewing Lesson

Alexandra Storm ****

"God" is in the Trees

David Sutherland

After Venus

Polyhymnia and Vivunia

Heart of the Fugue

Doug Tanoury


Wings of Icarus


Orpheus in O'Hare

Kenneth Tindall



The Bridegroom

The Tectonics of Moonlight

The Rumor

October Tulips

Mike Timonin

Tarot Poems, with art by Cindy Duhe ***

The Architect

Deborah Tobola

A Blessing

C.K. Tower


Breaching The Distance

Cheryl A. Townsend


He Gave her Everything

Lee Tracy

XVII: The Star


like a moth flies

Catherine Utsler

Full Jars

Holding Light

Dan Waber


for jennifer with apologies to cummings

Bob Wakulich

The Accoutrements of a Patron Saint

Run Your Open Hand

James Madison Walker

13 uneven lines about sex

town & country

for philip (words, brother)

Jamie Wasserman

Wrestling The Angel

The Other Mary

Joseph Dreaming

God Vanquishes Satan from Heaven

Chocolate Waters

The Star

A Sky With No Women

The Moon is Void

What's a Bi-Cuspal Woman to Do?

Jim Watson-Gove

Duende After Lorca

Astronomy Magazine Sez

Bruce Weber

The Stars Are My Friends

Jesse Weiner



Teresa White


John Whitted

Another Reason I Don't Like Parties

Why Do Birds Sing?

Waiting For Calliope

Astronaut Down

Tori L. Wilfred

Glass Gods

Shari Diane Willadson

woman at the window

upon the deaths of monsters and gods

Kellar Wilson

simple hauntings I

Tempered Enthusiasm I

In Betweens - Whitehouse

Corrine De Winter

The Fall of Adam

The Rain from Nothing

Francine Witte


Kenneth T. Wolman

The Apocalyptic Muse

On the Mercy of God



Suzanne Gray Woodward

North by Northwest

Tell Me the Night Stories

Telling the Beads

Joy Yourcenar


a Few Selections by the Editor from Astro's Early Days

Of Course

My Kind Of God

Trimming the Fat

Poetry Submitted for Fahrenheit 451 at Cafe Nico

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